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City Profile: Khan-Kedhron

Role: Capital of The Dradikhan Empire
Population: 50,000,000
Ruler: Emperor Ghadal
Age: 2,000 years old
Status: Old Age (advanced) Metropolis

Khan-Kedhron is the largest city in my world. It lays near the center of the world. It is the only technologically advanced city still standing after The Fall, an apocalyptic event that occurred nearly a thousand years ago. Its massive size dwarfs all other cities. Renewable sources of energy (i.e. solar, wind) have allowed it to continue to thrive in the centuries since The Fall. It has never been taken by an enemy force in its long history.

Combine the skyline of New York City with the futuristic skyscrapers of Dubai and then put them both on steroids. Now, add an even more grandiose backdrop of towering mountains than those that grace Denver, CO, or Salt Lake City, UT. Can you see it? Can you envision the vast, futuristic city basin surrounded on three sides by towering mountains? Can you grasp for a second the jaw-dropping magnitude of this majestic metropolis? Say hello to Khan-Kedhron, the city that will play the largest role in my books.


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Seven Legend – Hello World!

Hello Readers!

I have started this blog for a number of reasons. I will address those reasons later on in this post.

First, a little about myself. I am Seth Olive; writer and aspiring novelist. I have been writing fantasy novels since I was about twelve years old. Now eighteen, I am on the verge of finally attempting to publish my most recent novel (title not to be disclosed at this time). The novel is fantasy, complete with a map of my world. You could say the target audience is Young Adult, but my novel will be of interest to most age groups just as stories such as The Lord of the Rings have captivated most age groups. I am in the middle of editing the 410 page manuscript as of the writing of this post. This first book of a possible trilogy should be ready to be published in a couple months.

Now, why did I create this blog and what will be on it?

I created this blog so that I can begin to gather a following of enthusiastic fans before, leading up to, and after the release of my novel. Like most authors, I am not writing for only myself. I am writing so that the world can share in the adventures running through my head. Hopefully you will enjoy them as I much as I have.

What can you expect to see on this blog? This is not my space for torturing readers with ranting, ravings, monologues, and cheap salesman hot air. Here, on Seven Legend, I hope to share many things.

1.      Thoughts on writing. Specific and general topics.

2.      Things I have learned.

3.      What I am currently doing.

4.      Teasers and tidbits from my book and future books.

5.      Share intriguing articles and quotes.

6.      Ask questions.

7.      And hopefully update, update, and update. Who follows a dead blog?

Ironic. I have seven points above. It is the number seven again. This brings me to the conclusion of this post. Why the blog title “Seven Legend”? For now, this is the title because my book and potential trilogy revolve around an apocalyptic legend that relies heavily on the number seven. Here comes a teaser. There are seven realms, seven beasts, seven years without a summer, the seven isles… etc.  It’s all about the Seven in the Legend. Welcome to Seven Legend.

– – –

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